Text Box: 1)  Your conduct should be such that pleases the Christ you represent. 
2)  Each cabin will have an appointed “Cabin Counselor” who will be responsible for the keeping of the rules in
     that cabin. This person will ensure that devotionals are conducted in the cabin each night. 
3)  No boys are allowed in the girl’s area. 
4)  All cabins should be kept neat and clean; cabin inspection will be made by the counselors. Building defacing
     activities are forbidden. Please leave the cabins neat and clean on Friday. 
5)  Lights must be out by 10:30 p.m. Investigation will be made after this time. 
6)  Each camper is required to attend and participate in the religious, educational and recreational activities and
7)  Modest dress will be worn at all times. EACH SPONSOR is to be responsible for their campers dress and
8)  Campers are to follow the instructions of sponsors at all times. 
9)  No one will be permitted to leave the camp ground during the week except in the event of an emergency, and
     then only when accompanied by a responsible counselor, and the knowledge of the director. 
10)  No tobacco will be permitted on the grounds. 
11)  Boys and girls will not be allowed to swim together. 
12)  Hospital and office buildings are off limits without a sponsor. 
13)  Do Not leave the tabernacle or go to the dorms without a sponsor. 
14)  Shoes must be worn outdoors at all times. 
15)  No personal electronic devices are permitted at camp. This includes, but is not limited to, devices such as
       “Game Boys”, CD players, iPods, radios, etc. CELL PHONES: sponsors must be in control of cell phones
       belonging to campers under 21 years of age.
 16)  Boundaries: 
          A. Cross the creek at bridges only! 
          B. Woods, creek, and dark areas are off limits! 
17)  No running except in supervised recreational activities. 
18)  No food or drink in tabernacle. 
19)  Do NOT throw rocks. 
20)  Inappropriate bodily contact is not allowed. 
21)  In the event of questions concerning application or interpretation of these rules, the final decision rests
       with the Camp Director.

Camp Rules

What To Bring

Text Box: Bible: 
Pencil, writing tablet.
Pillow, pillow case, sheets, blankets and/or sleeping bag. 
Personal Articles: 
Soap, toothbrush, towels, change of clothes for worship and play and a jacket. 
You will need money for soft drinks, ice cream and any items you may wish to purchase in the bookstore.